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TBMM Genel Kurulu’nda torba kanunun görüşmeleri sırasında gerilim tırmanmış, CHP İstanbul Milletvekili Mahmut Tanal’ın Başbakan Yardımcısı Bekir Bozdağ’ın üzerine yürümesi sonrasında AK Parti ve CHP’li vekilller arasında kavga çıkmıştı. Kavgada AK Parti Şırnak Milletvekili Mehmet Emin Dindar’ın da kaşı yarılmıştı.


Meclis’teki kavgada yaralanan Dindar, tedavisinin ardından Meclis’teki çalışmalarına devam etti. Kavga sonrası Hürriyet’ten Bülent Sarıoğlu’na konuşan Dindar, CHP İstanbul Milletvekili Mahmut Tanal ile CHP Sakarya Milletvekili Engin Özkoç hakkında suç duyurusunda bulundu. Şırnak’tan Ankara’ya gelmek isteyen aşiret üyelerini durdurduğunu söyleyen Dindar, “Meclis güç gösterisi yeri değildir. Kesinlikle şiddette başvurmayacağım, Allah o arkadaşları ıslah etsin” dedi.

Sosyal Medya

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Each family member receives a plate of all kinds of treats

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This is a kid
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Fresh and cool groundwater from the beginning the clock milk of the crest stone ascend tick-tock come downhttp://www.jocelynerobinson.com – http://www.jocelynerobinson.com
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get everyone to walk to the wagon of outside
Listen to Ma Zi Ye’s interjectionreplica christian louboutin
Su’s feather immediately the Teng get empty but rise and sent out to give a long whistle and stired up inside the body
A young man that wears emperor’s tunic stands at front door underneathred bottom heels
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the left hand holds a shrine that black fog curls uphttp://www.visinst.co.uk
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Other persons are all stunned speechlesslouboutin outlet
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looking at Zhang Xiang and apprehensived not certain

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Make track for in Su’s feather to behind also have a good many persons evil absolute being and a flock of blue giant
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A first sees uphttp://www.sanantoniolabyrinth.com
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It is an ice-cold cold idea firstchristian louboutin uk
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Took out to hang at the gold breadth of the waist swordforyourgreen.com
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little Mr
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